Frequently asked questions

General Questions

  • How Will You Help In Generating Sales Leads?

    Our agents are professionally trained in converting visitors to customers. As soon as we obtain a sales lead we send them to you by email.

  • Can You Use The Live Chat Software Which We Have Been Using At Our Website?

    Yes, we can use any other live chat software. We will charge US$ 49/month extra as we have to maintain another login for all the three live chat agent shifts, every day.

  • When You Say 24×7, Do You Really Mean It?

    Yes! We have agents working in multiple shifts around the clock , 24 hours and yes we work on weekends. We are committed for 350+ days working (we keep approximately 11+ holidays during the year for festivals or any unforeseen situations)

  • How Will Your Live Chat Agents Know About The Services/Products That Are Sold On Your Website?

    After you provide us with your company’s FAQs, our agents will learn these FAQ’s and additionally study your website, your products, and your business. We will ensure that they answer questions as if they work for your company.

  • Where Are You Located? How Many Live Chat Agents Do You Provide?

    We are based out of the USA. Currently, we have 125+ agents ready to help you 24×7.

  • How Many Live Chat Agents Are Assigned To A Single Client?

    We appoint chat agents as per your chat plan and your website requirements. Minimum six agents are assigned for a single website in our starter plan. Over 50 chats per month are assigned twelve chat agents.

  • Is My Information Secure?

    Yes! We have legal procedures to ensure that all of our clients information stays 100% secure at all times

  • I Want Chat Agents Only For 1 Shift Or Off-Hours Or Weekends. Is It Possible?

    Our prices are based on the number of chats. You can use our services for off-hours and weekend support. But, for this, you have to provide us with your LiveChat software’s login credentials. Also, it will cost US$ 49/month extra as we have to manage an additional login for all the three shifts.

Getting Started/Free Trial

  • How do I signup and use your service ?

    Please follow these simple steps to sign-up: Please click on this link to sign-up: You will receive an email from ChatConversions that will welcome you and ask you to provide us by email your company’s FAQ’s with the answers, along with mentioning that we will be sending you a separate email that will contain your “code” to put the Live Chat Box on your website. Send us by email your FAQ’s along with any other pertinent information on your company You should receive a second email from ChatConversions indicating how to add the LiveChat Box on your website pages as it will contain this code. Simply paste that code right before the closing tag on all the pages you would like the chat tool to appear on. If you require any assistance we can assist you by emailing Once your FAQ information is received, we will train our live chat agents and will make your Live Chat live in less than 48 hours.

  • How Long is The free trial?

    We provide 10 days Free Trial from the day we put our chat agents live on your website.

  • Do I have to enter my credit card details while creating free trial account?

    No credit card information is required. It will only be needed while upgrading your account from a Free Trial account to a paid account after your trial period is ended

  • What are the limitations for free trial?

    ChatConversions’ Free Trial does not have any limitations. We offer the same services in Free Trial as we offer in our
    Entry Level Plan.

  • What are the FAQ’s ? Why are they important?

    FAQ’s are frequently asked questions that your website visitors usually ask. Please provide us the most common questions along with their answers. Its important for us to have this information to provide website visitors so that we can engage with visitors and  look to convert them to a sale or generate a qualified sales lead.

  • Can you customize a plan as per my requirements?

    Yes we can create a customized plan as per your requirements. Please email us at

  • How do I add the“Chat box” code script on my website?

    We will be providing you with a simple“code”to add to the website pages that you want LiveChat on. Either share with us the contact details of your webmaster or share the FTP details of your website. We will help get it done.

  • What is Advanced Customization?

    Advanced Customization is for customizing the“chat box”(where the chat is conducted) for your company to personalize. We can change the color of buttons, position of “Chat Box” and any other possible CSS level customization.

  • What is White Label Widget (Chat Box Customization)?

    Under white labeling, we will remove our brand name from the widget (Chat box) as well as chats/leads transcripts. Your visitors/customers will never know if you have outsourced services to ChatConversions.

Pricing, Payments, Billing & Reporting

  • Can I upgrade my account in middle of the month?

    Yes, you can upgrade your account at anytime. Your chats will be adjusted accordingly. Please contact your account manager

  • Why are your monthly plans 350+ days instead of 365 days ?

    We have very high respect for our chat agents so that they can enjoy several important holidays with their families. These holidays correspond to the days that most of our clients have little activity on their websites.

  • What if my chat quota is not used in a particular month? Will you carry forward the unused chats ?

    Unfortunately not. Our live chat agent staffing is calculated based on forecasted requirements, therefore our monthly costs remain the same whether chats are all used or not.

  • What if I exceed the number of chats allotted to my plan ?

    Its fine to exceed the allotted leads/chats included in your monthly plan. At the end of the month, we will send you an invoice for the exceeded chats based on your monthly plan for additional chats.

  • What is the refund policy? Is there any contract?

    No, there is no refunds and no contract. It’s a month to month agreement, which you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice, as we have to allocate resources (agents) in advance as such we do not offer a refund.

  • I want Chat Agents only for 1 shift or off-hours or weekends. Is it possible?

    Our prices are based on the number of chats. You can use our services for off-hours and weekend support. But, for this, you have to provide us with your LiveChat software’s login credentials. Also, it will cost US$49/month extra as we have to manage additional login for all the three shifts.

  • How do you monitor of all the chat conversations made by your agents?

    We keep a very close and strict monitoring of every chat conversation made by our agents. All the chats will also be emailed to you.

  • How can I cancel the subscription?

    In the case of cancellation send us an Email at We need at least three working days to process the cancellation and the service will stop within 30 days